top quality replica hublot watch with classic fusion aero chronograph

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the replica hublot presented the classic fusion chronograph sino swiss fta in titanium or king gold to celebrate an ambitious free trade agreement signed by the two countries last year.

on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of switzerland and china's diplomatic relations, the manufacture unveils another commemorative "classic fusion chronograph", the aero 65th anniversary swiss china this month.

even though i have always admired the fake hublot's reactivity to significant events and the manufacture ability to use these opportunities to create stunning limited editions, i have to admit that the design team seemed too much in a rush this time or simply ran out of ideas as the new timepiece looks incredibly similar to last year's titanium model.

basically, the only noticeable different from the dial side is the "aero" component of the 65th anniversary swiss china model. actually, the satin finished titanium coloured dial of the 2014 limited edition gives way to a sapphire front offering an uncluttered view of the skeletonized hub 1155 self winding calibre.

in spite of the transparency, the small seconds counter at 3 o'clock retains the same graphic representation of the chinese and swiss national flags and both models are mounted of black alligator strap sewn onto rubber with red stitches.

apparently, the logo transfer on the sapphire crystal of the back of the watch has been changed. it now indicates "1950 2015 switzerland and china" in english and chinese below a stylised red "65" containing the five stars and the cross of the two flags.

Just like last year, the watch looks so amazing and presents the level of finish we have got used to when it comes to the cheap replica hublot. i must say that the 65 units of this new series will sell out as fast as any other fake hublot limited series. however, i can't help thinking the customization is a little botched up this time.


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